UROC Trail Illumination Initiative

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The Cumberland Trail Network is home to some 180km’s of trails and an extremely active local community and UROC membership. This new trail illumination initiative is another Cumberland first and will serve as a 24/7 trail user experience through the spring, summer and fall seasons. 

Trail use will no longer be confined to daylight hours and this new solar initiative will open new opportunities for night events, trail maintenance, coaching, training, and general trail use. This initiative seeks to spread out users not geographically, but over time, thus giving less “rush hour” moments in the network and more time for users to enjoy the merits of the trails.

120 Solar powered illumination units will be mounted on 12ft poles and installed in the trail skills area close to the fringes of the Village of Cumberland. See location and distribution map below.

4Pack, 6Pack, President’s Choice, Lost Toque, Spanker and After School Special offer a wide a variety of riding experiences and meet a large range of abilities, while also reaching adaptive trail standards (excluding 6Pack). These trails are in a perfect location for a nighttime lap close to home or from the trail head parking areas.

Partnership and Funding for this long-awaited project came from the Solar for Sports Association and the GetOutSide Society BC from their night vision fund. UROC matched the contribution to a total of $41,000 of investment to the UROC Illumination Initiative.  

You will still need your own personal lighting to get to and from the illumination zone and we recommend carrying three sets of lights, two for use and one for back up.

Members should expect to see the first installations before the summer months, and we invite members to enroll in the Night riding program being offered by Solar for Sports Association educational programs, register here.  

Light it up and enjoy the ride.