UROC Trail maintenance session with the trail crew

Check out this video from Ryan De Milliano on UROC trail maintenance and what goes into a typical trail revision.

What is trail maintenance?

Mother nature and trail users of all kinds (including riders, runners, hikers and more) can have a significant impact on our local trails. Maintenance and up keep involves grooming, brushing back, addressing any obstacles or concerns and generally giving the trail a “service and a haircut”. We sometimes re-route damaged sections of trail or deal with water management issues. As the trail management organization for the Cumberland network, UROC tackles maintenance in a few ways:

UROC Trail Manager and Crew: this group of UROC staff address identified maintenance priorities and safety concerns on a regular basis. They consider direction from the UROC Board of Directors, input from the Trail Maintenance Committee as well as any reported safety concerns or trail experience issues from the public.
Trail Maintenance Committee: this is a group of community members that provides input to the UROC Board of Directors and Trail Manager about trail maintenance priorities.
Public Trail Maintenance Days: these maintenance days are open to all members of UROC and are a great way for volunteers to learn about how to maintain trails, provide support on larger scale projects and have fun!

UROC organizes approximately 6 public Trail Maintenance Days per year to encourage our membership to come out and donate some time, to spruce up, repair, or even re-route sections of the network. This helps to maintain and improve the trail experience, as well as increase the sustainability of the trails.

When is trail maintenance scheduled?

Beginning in the spring (usually April), Trail Maintenance Days happen until November usually excluding July and August when the weather and dry conditions limit trail work.

This year’s scheduled dates are posted below. 

Where do we meet?

Check out our event calendar or Facebook page for upcoming trail maintenance events, meeting locations and times. We usually meet at the trail head we will be maintaining that day, but sometimes arrange for a group meet-up at a trail network entrance for those who would like a guide!

What should I bring?

Dress appropriately for work outdoors, including work gloves and sturdy footwear. Bring water and a snack. UROC has a selection of basic hand tools (shovels, mattocks, rakes). You can bring your own tools if you have a favorite!

Does UROC provide lunch?

Not at the moment.

Do I have to be a UROC member?

YES. Your membership includes coverage under our liability insurance policy and your membership fee goes directly back into improving the trail network!

Can I bring my bike?

Yes. You may want to ride into the work site. What better way to make sure a section of trail rides well than to bring your bike to test after!

Can I build a trail in Cumberland?

In short you can not go into the forest within the Cumberland trail network and start building a trail. However, if you have a burning desire to be part of a build or take on a build project in Cumberland there are ways to do it. The lands we recreate on are private lands which means building a trail would require approval from the land owners and this process is facilitated through UROC. First off, you are encouraged to join in on some trail days and volunteer some building time with the UROC trail crew in order to pave the way to building a trail. Believe us, building a trail is not for the faint hearted and involves a mammoth commitment, but with all that said and done its a very rewarding and satisfying experience. The first thing you have to do to get the ball rolling is contact UROC on: manager@unitedridersofcumberland.com

What if I need more information?

2020 Trail Maintenance Dates

To be re-scheduled – Watch UROC Facebook and Instagram for announcements and dates will be posted here.