The United Riders of Cumberland is a registered non-profit society that manages and advocates for the Cumberland trail network.


UROC promotes and supports the local Mountain Bike Community in the Comox Valley.

Through trail advocacy, volunteerism, promotion of the sport and fundraising, we are able to encourage participation for all as well as maintain and build the local trail infrastructure.

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Community Engagement

Meet Sean. Sean moved to the valley with his family 6 years ago and has lived in Cumberland for the past 3. Although Sean used to bike the trails he's now switched to running, saying he prefers the feel of his feet on the ground. Sean runs the trails 4 to 5 times a week and hopes he can complete some ultra marathons this year. Sean agreed to take some time to tell us why he runs the Cumberland Trails and why he will always be a UROC member.
"In a nutshell, the Cumberland Trail Network is my escape. Trail
running keeps me balanced. The network in Cumberland has an
incredible variety of technical, vertical and flowy trails to keep your runs interesting. I really enjoy the climbs, technical and descents. You can create a loop out of all the trails here for whatever experience you want. For example, The Perseverance Race loop has a really nice
climb and descent over 11km while the Cumby 25km Race route has a good mix of flowy and technical. Don’t forget there’s the Eastern Bloc and of course the Italian dinner! You just can’t go wrong in Cumberland! It’s hard not to think of the trails whenever someone mentions Cumberland. I’ve encountered people from all over BC and beyond while using the trails here. Cumberland is synonymous with an outdoor
healthy lifestyle and our local businesses certainly benefit well from the draw to the trails here. The trail-builders do an absolutely phenomenal job keeping the trails in top shape for everyone to use. However, as more people use the trails, I think it’s important for people to practice good trail etiquette and to respect it. If you are new to the trails I suggest you pickup a map
from a local bike shop, speak with a local or download trail forks and
go explore! Please keep in mind that the trails are multi-use so keep your head up, eyes and ears open. If you’re alone, make a little noise so the wildlife know you’re there. Besides a decent pair of trail runners and appropriate layers for the weather, I always wear a pack for water, some first aid supplies, energy bar, knife and/or bear spray, and phone. Whether running alone or in a group, safety is paramount."
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Meet Dawn. Dawn is a regular user of the Cumberland trail network, but instead of on a bike she uses her two feet. Dawn is one of the many trail users who regularly visit our trails to hike, trail run, bird watch, or just explore and enjoy nature. It's great to hear from such a passionate user of the trails.

"I've lived in Cumberland almost 30 years and my first introduction to the forest was hiking with my children. It's my happy place, my way of keeping sane. I walk every day, on average 8km’s a day. Last year during the first part of COVID, when I was extra stressed, I was hiking closer to 12-14km’s a day, which makes my mileage for 2020 between
2500-3000km’s. I go through a lot of footwear. I became a member of UROC and act as a trail steward or trail warden. I'm out there every day and enjoy helping out by reporting any trail issues or problems.
The trails get people outside and that’s really important these days! When you are out in the forest time stops. Hearing woodpeckers or other creatures we share the forest with is very special and being aware that we are all part of something bigger, is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.

I hike solo with my dog most days but on Sundays, for about eight years now I've been hiking with a group of women - The Sunday morning Philosopher's Club - we talk about everything but by the end of the hike it is always about food. Good food and recreation are meant to go together!

Favourite trail? I love Hai Gai. It is magical and very Jurassic Park in there and now it is protected as part of the Cumberland Community Forest Society purchase completed last September. I am also a longtime supporter of the Cumberland Community Forest Society and am featured as the crazy lady in the documentary "Save Space Nugget" I also love Steam Donkey, as it has the steam donkey from the old logging days. I've done some grooming and signage in the Eastern Bloc and have a lot of respect for the trail builders. Hai Gai was the name of the main street in Chinatown, Bronco's is named for Bronco Moncrief, longtime Cumberland mayor.
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Meet Leslie. Leslie has travelled the Cumberland trails on two swift feet since 2007. She leads run groups, is a CVRR Member/Director, and
was the director of the Fred Bigelow Memorial 100K - which raised over $7000 for UROC and the CCFS. Needless to say, Leslie is a force, and we are happy to profile her as a UROC member.
"The Cumberland Trail Network is where I go to combine my love of the backcountry with my sport of running. Where I can release my inner wild child in a place that both expects it and encourages it. Having this amazing resource so close to where many of us live is an absolute blessing. The ever growing urban communities on the outskirts of this area use it to unwind, to absorb nature, to lay down some workout sweat that feels refreshing in its simplicity. The system is vast enough that with present restrictions (Covid) in mind it is easy to blow off steam in a safe environment - well spaced! Some of the best
times I’ve had here include bursting a lung gaining elevation just to thrill in the down hill - straining the communication speed between brain and feet to the max. Happily I’ve never had a bad encounter with another runner, biker or critter (be it dog or wild). Perhaps the only
time I’ve felt ill at ease was coming across a hunter on Upper sunk in real fast that this is open territory for everyone.
There's something for every need out here; short, long, easy, hard,
steep, flowy, undulating, smooth or gnarly - not to mention benches and art. Although I may repeat a few routes, fully 8 out of 10 times I run I’m always putting together a new route combination. That's the beauty of
the Cumberland Trails…the choices go on and on. If I was pressed to nail down one particular trail that just plain feels good to run down it would have to be Blue Collar with its mossy greens, and big trees.
Of course Extreme Lene is in my heart and has a ton of my own sweat equity. I always have a little compass on my run pack, a phone (trailforks or 911) and a trail map. I carry at least a litre of water. I also have an emergency blanket and an extra clothing layer…you never know!
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