Background and Context

The Cumberland trail network is largely situated on private forest lands owned by Timberwest Forestry Company and Comox Timber Ltd., with some trails situated on public lands owned by the Village of Cumberland. The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) is a non-profit society that manages and maintains the trail network. While most of the trails have been built over many years by volunteer trail builders, access to the lands and the responsibility for the trails has been formalized through a management framework that includes a MOU with the Village of Cumberland and the private landowners, and license (access) agreements with the private landowners. These license agreements also transfer the liability of the Cumberland trail network to UROC.

Land Owner Zones
Terrain Zones

In accordance with the management framework and license agreements, 3rd party event organizers and commercial operators must work with UROC and seek support prior to hosting events and/or operating on the trails, and before permits can be issued by the landowners or the Village of Cumberland.


As UROC holds the responsibility for managing and maintaining the trails within the network and assumes liability for the access and use of the trails, the organization needs a process for engaging with 3rd party event organizers and commercial operators wanting to use the trails. There is also a cost to preparing and maintaining trails with these activities over and above regular (i.e. member or public) trail use.

The below 3rd party policy PDF is intended to provide direction and guide expectations for organizations interested in holding events, and/or organizations conducting commercial (i.e. fee for service) guiding, coaching, leading group rides, filming making, or paid media creation (“third party use”) in the Cumberland trail network.

Once you have read the terms of the 3rd party policy and wish to proceed with an event or third-party user application, click the application form to submit your request and agree to the terms laid out in the 3rd party policy document.