Your UROC membership fees go directly to supporting the access agreement with the landowners, youth mountain biking programming and trail work in the Cumberland network!   

Our access agreement with the land owners requires UROC to carry a ten million comprehensive general liability insurance policy that has a significant annual premium.

Membership supports youth membership fees for community programming like the After School Bike Club, Ride-Build-Ride, and subsidized race entry fees for youth.

Remaining funds go directly toward supporting trail maintenance and construction including our paid Trail Manager and Trail Crew, purchasing supplies and equipment, volunteer support, and leveraging grant opportunities with matching funds.

Membership also covers your insurance requirements for all UROC events such as maintenance days, group rides and events throughout the calendar year.

And members receive email notification of UROC events, news and inititatives.

If you use the Cumberland trail network for riding, running, or walking please support trail access and maintenance and become a member of UROC!

Check out this short film by local Tao Werner on the transformative power of UROC membership


  • You enjoy using the trails in Cumberland.
  • You want to see the trails maintained.
  • You want to see the trail network expanded.
  • You want to support youth in mountain biking.
  • You want to support volunteer trail work.
  • You want to participate in Trail Maintenance Days.
  • You want to participate in UROC group rides and events.
  • You want to support trail advocacy.
  • You want to vote at the AGM.
  • You rock!

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