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  1. You enjoy using the trails in Cumberland.
  2. You want to see the trails well maintained.
  3. You want to see the trail network expanded.
  4. You want to support youth in mountain biking.
  5. You want to support volunteer trail work.
  6. You want to participate in Trail Maintenance Days.
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Membership fees are used for trail access and management, maintenance and construction including our paid Trail Manager and Trail Crew, purchasing supplies and equipment, volunteer support, and leveraging grant opportunities with matching funds

Membership supports youth community programming like the After School Bike Club and Ride-Build-Ride, and subsidized race entry fees for youth.

Membership also allows you to participate in all UROC activities and events such as trail maintenance days, group rides and UROC race events throughout the calendar year and covers your insurance requirements for these events.

And members stay informed and up to date with email notification of UROC events, news and initiatives.

If you use the Cumberland trail network for riding, running, or walking please support trail access and maintenance and become a member of UROC!

Memberships are valid for the duration of a calendar year (January – December)

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Meet Curtis. Curtis grew up here in the valley and has been mountain biking since he was 12. Talking to Curtis, it`s interesting to get a sense of what things were like way back in the beginning days of mountain biking here in Cumberland, and to realize how the trails have changed.

"I started riding because it was fun to bust skid and pop jumps. Nothing`s really changed. The first trails I remember in Cumberland were behind Whites Bay. That would have been 1994. The first get rad trail I heard about in Cumberland was Pity The Fool. It was scary with a 2” travel fork and a 90 degree head tube angle. I met a few teenagers when I was 12 that would ride and build trails every Sunday. They were finishing the Bevin single track to the lake. After a few months of trying to keep up with them they suggested I enter the annual poker race at Comox lake. -- Cumberland might be a very different place without mountain biking. The Cumberland trail network is the work of over 25 years of mountain bike evolution and builder`s ideas of their flavour of trail. From the ground and pound XC to the faster flow trails getting turned out these days, it`s providing trails for all abilities. The trail network and mountain biking has given Cumberland another kick at the can when it was down and out. Now it’s a destination on a global scale. Cumberland`s trail network is an economic driver for the whole valley. -- These days my favourite mountain bike memories are shredding with my two boys and the other little groms in town. It’s awesome to see them super pumped and just as passionate about riding. I tell my 8 and 10 year old `I still got it` least on the trail, but I think they have me beat at the Jump park. -- My favourite trail this summer was Chunder. At speed it’s a rowdy good time. -- Mountain biking has been a very positive influence on my life. Look at the CRI parking lot on a weekend. There must be something fun going on in the woods."

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Your UROC membership directly supports the access agreement with the landowners for non-motorized trail use, youth and community mountain bike programming and trail work in the Cumberland network!  

Here’s a great story about United Riders of Cumberland, the Village of Cumberland, and two forestry companies came together to create a forest access partnership. As a result of nearby forestry activities, URoC had the opportunity to access the forest and build a burgeoning new local mountain biking industry. Get your 2021 membership or donate here.

Check out this awesome video with CVAG (Comox Valley Art Gallery) Youth Media Project made to show the importance of supporting trail maintenance! Get your 2021 membership or donate here.

Check out this short film by local Tao Werner on the transformative power of UROC membership

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