UROC Secures Ongoing Land Access Agreements

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Cumberland, BC— November 17, 2022 —  United Riders of Cumberland (“UROC”) has reached a landmark land access and management framework in order for the community and visitors to continue to enjoy access to the trails on the private and municipal lands surrounding Cumberland, BC. UROC has developed renewed access agreements with private landowners Timberwest Forest Company (managed by Mosaic Forest Management Corporation, “Mosaic”) and Comox Timber Ltd (owned by Manulife Investment Management Forest Management Inc, “Manulife”), all backed with a Memorandum of Understanding between the Village of Cumberland, UROC and the forestry landowners.

Past and present land access (license) agreements outline details regarding access for recreation, trail management planning, trail building and maintenance, and the provision for events. One new addition to the framework is clarifying the allowance of pedal assist Class 1 e-bikes in the trail network. Class 2 and 3 e-bikes or gas-powered forms of transport are not permitted in the trail network for recreation.

The new agreements with Mosaic and Manulife will be in place for an unprecedented three-year term. New trail development and trail strategic planning have all been considered and mapped out in short and long-term plans that include solutions to network entry and exit, defined trail-building standards, and sustainable and ecological values in trail management and maintenance.

The Cumberland trail network is built largely on privately owned, working forest lands, with some (approximately 10%) on municipal forest and watershed lands. These lands consist of space designated for managed forestry, municipal parklands, watershed protection, and water corridors that are the source feed to the Cumberland water supply. The existing framework of trails is woven into these lands; crossing multiple land designations, boundaries, and land ownership.

UROC extends great thanks to the past and present UROC volunteer board members, and representatives of the municipal and private land partners who were instrumental in this process and devoted countless hours towards this unique and incredibly important land access and management framework.

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