Update: Trail Yield Practices

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In 2017 UROC installed sign badges on certain trails throughout the Cumberland trail network that indicated required or recommended direction of travel. The goal of installing these sign badges was to help maintain safety and enjoyment for all trail users without unduly limiting route options.

However, since installation, we have received useful and constructive feedback from community members and other user groups on the initiative. After review, UROC has made a decision to create opportunities to gather further input and feedback from both the general community, as well as from UROC members, before determining a new approach to minimize trail user conflict and maintain safety in the network. Please keep an eye out as we plan our 2018 schedule for these input opportunities.

In the meantime, the directional sign badges will be removed from the network, and the original trail yield practices will apply to all trails. As a reminder, this practice is:

  • Cyclists must be in control of their bikes at all times and be able to yield to other users.
  • Runners and walkers must be aware of mountain bike traffic on all trails and be able and willing to yield to cyclists. Who actually yields is not exclusive to one user group or direction of travel and all users should work to make each pass a courteous one.
  • Trail users with headphones/earbuds should ensure that they can hear approaching traffic on single-track by adjusting the volume or removing earpiece(s).

We want to thank everybody for their enthusiasm and engagement as we continue our work to improve and maintain the trail network. Happy trails!