Trailhead Signage Project – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Trailhead Signage Project?

The project’s primary goal is to install trailhead signs at the start and end of each trail in the Cumberland trail network, with each sign indicating the trail name and difficulty rating. These signs will help UROC fulfill its responsibilities as land managers by improving trail user safety and experience, as well as providing a communication tool for emergency situations.

Why is UROC taking on this project?

With over 90km of singletrack and 100 trails, the Cumberland trail network is a large and valuable recreation asset that draws many riders, both locals and visitors. The Cumberland Trails Survey 2016 conducted in partnership with VIU last summer found there were over 8700 trail users per month during the summer months. The survey also found that providing trail difficulty ratings and trailhead information signs were among the top 3 trail management priorities identified by trail users.

This project will help UROC address the trail management priorities and improve trail user experience and safety.

Where does the funding for the project come from?

In 2016, UROC applied for a BC Rural Dividend Program grant, administered by the BC provincial government, and it was awarded to UROC in March 2017.

What is the UROC’s process for implementing this project?

UROC will be inviting bidders to respond to an Invitation to Quote (ITQ) to solicit competitive bids. The process allows UROC to clearly define the specifications for the project and required qualifications and requirements for the bidders to meet, as well as ensuring transparency during the project implementation.

What will the trailhead signs look like, and will there be any effect on the existing trail signs?

The Trailhead Signage Project will see the installation of 4×4 posts at approved locations throughout the network. Sign badges will be affixed to each post that indicate the trail name and trail difficulty rating, and where possible a sign post will be located at the start and end of each trail.

The sign format and design were chosen as the best balance of aesthetics, cost effectiveness, durability and ease of replacement. They also allow UROC to fulfill the requirements outlined in the land access agreement (including meeting the Whistler Trail Standards).

There are no plans to change or remove any of the existing trail signs.

Will there be any effect on trail users during project implementation?

Once project work has begun, a contractor may be utilizing the trails and access roads to haul equipment and supplies to the sign installation sites. Efforts will be made to minimize the impact of the installation process on trail usage; however, there may be times when a trail needs to be temporarily closed or alternate routes suggested. UROC will communicate these trail closures on Facebook and Trailforks. The ideal timeline for this project will see completion in July, however this timeline may change due to environmental factors like weather and forest access closure.

Where can I find out more information about this project?

If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact UROC Trail Manager Nathan Kwan at: [email protected]