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You may have noticed that there have been a number of modifications to the Tied Knot trail, and may be wondering about the reason. This trail is within the Cumberland Community Forest boundaries, and therefore falls under Village of Cumberland management. They’ve provided a handy FAQ about the work, and as one of our great community partners, we’re sharing to help get the word out! Please see the Village of Cumberland FAQ below.

Trail Modifications to Tied Knot: FAQ

What changes are happening to Tied Knot?
The Village of Cumberland has initiated removal of select technical trail features (TTF) on Tied Knot. This work will focus on decommissioning wood features such as ladders and skinnies that have become structurally unstable and no longer meet the Whistler Trail Standards. In some locations, the decommissions may result in minor trail re-routes.

When will the work take place?
Initial work to decommission features has begun, with further work scheduled for fall 2018 as weather and fire conditions allow.

Will the TTF’s be re-built?
At this time, the plan is to remove and not replace the TTF’s.

Who is responsible for Tied Knot?
Tied Knot is within the Cumberland Community Forest municipal park, so maintenance of the trail is the responsibility of the Village. UROC is responsible for the management and maintenance of trails in the Cumberland Trail Network that are outside of Village municipal parks.

For more information, contact Kevin McPhedran, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
[email protected]

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