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Dear Cumberland Trail Users,

Mosaic Forest Management and the United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) wishes to advise users of the trails in and around BR524, A900 and A3100 (highlighted in red) that road building activities are planned to begin June 23rd, 2021. Road building activities are expected to be underway for approximately nine weeks and harvesting activities are planned for 2022.

UROC currently has an Access Agreement with Mosaic Forest Management on our private managed forest lands in and around Cumberland. This agreement enables both groups to work together in the creation of trails strategies that support mountain biking and associated events in the community of Cumberland.

At Mosaic safety is the highest priority. When any activities are taking place the employees and contractors abide by strict safety rules. We expect trail users to abide by the safety rules and respect the worksite by not entering any active or closed areas. For your safety during these times please avoid the use of the closed trails and the general area of operations. Please respect all signage. Hours of operation will be Monday to Friday 5am to 5pm. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Closed trails will be 42nd Street, Steam Donkey, That Dam Trail, Slick Rock, Even Lower Vanilla, Bottom Vanilla and the western section of Shortline (from Teapot to Vanilla)

Please be advised that all forestry roads around Allen lake will remain open for the duration of operations. In particular Allen Lake Main and Sykes bridge access road (BR520), however, these roads may be subject to short temporary closures during peak activity times.

All top sections of Vanilla will remain open up to Shortline. The lower sections of Vanilla will be closed. In order to exit from Vanilla you will be required to travel on the eastern section of Shortline to connect you with Blue Collar to get beyond Allen lake.

Truffle Shuffle will also remain open. To exit you will be required to use the western section of Teapot and travel towards the Sykes bridge access road (BR 520)

Trail closures are not in effect weekdays after 5pm and weekends.

Thank you for your co-operation,

United Riders of Cumberland & Mosaic Forest Management