New Trail Opening – Invite to Members

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3pm, Friday 27th May 2022.

You are invited to the opening of a new trail in Cumberland.  Phase One of the Vanilla extension is ready for action, and we want the UROC membership to have the first experience of this trail.

New trail opening for the new upper section of Vanilla

Funded through the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative from the Province of BC and UROC this trail was built by the original builders of Vanilla, and we are delighted to ask you to join us at the top of the Sobo No Michi Climbing trail for the opening of the trail.

Just in front of the rest bench is the entrance to this blue square experience that rolls through a clear cut into the forest and gets you to the Thirsty Beaver inter section. You will be able to ride this trail at any pace you want and roll it or even fly a bit, with friendly tabletops, rollers, hips, and berms to flow down. When you cross the creek and enter the trees you will be experiencing big and small berms with some hops and pops or bumps and humps as you roll through the forest.

Working towards the trail opening for the new upper section of Vanilla

Top of Sobo No Michi @ 3pm, Friday the 27th May,
be there and be the first.

Thank you to Tourism Vancouver Island for contributing to the funding of this build and for their continued support in the next phase two build of the Vanilla extension.

Thank you to the landowners, Mosaic Forest Management for allowing this project to be built on their forest lands.

Phase Two will be built parallel to Lower Climax and connect to the entrance of Vanilla Climb. Phase two is currently an active trail build and we ask all trail users to stay off this trail while construction is in progress. Phase Two opening is planned for Fall 2022.