New Trail Alert: Sound Garden

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New Trail Alert: Introducing Project Sound Garden, a sensory trail adventure that transcends the ordinary experience into the enchanting sounds and beauty of the deep forest and trails within.

What is Sound Garden?

Imagine flying along Cumberland’s newest trail listening to the amplified sounds of the forest. You’ll be immersed in a trail corridor of oversized sound trumpets crafted by local skilled artisans. These sound trumpets amplify the symphony of the forest, creating a truly unique trail experience and ultimate adventure. UROC draws inspiration for this new trail from the successes of other Sound Garden experiences in the German Black Forests and northern Australian rain forests. The new Sound Garden trail aims to redefine the way we experience single track by sound bathing trail users in the natural orchestra and amphitheater of the forest.

Why Sound Garden?

Hearing the treasure trove of whistling wind corridors and heavy flow waterfalls, with tall trees swaying and the delightful songs of birds singing, while squirrels forage all reaps a new way of experiencing forest stories. Sound Garden captures and amplify an immersive and sensory experience from nature. This trail is not just a joyride; it’s a sensory journey always changing with the seasons and aims to move forest bathing to new dimensions.

Exclusive UROC Invitation: Be the First!

As the Sound Garden trail nears completion, we are extending an invitation to UROC members to be the first to experience this exciting new project. If you want to be among those trailblazers to hear our forest speak volumes, you can support this project by becoming a UROC member today and RSVP to the invite post haste to experience Vancouver Islands first Sound Garden.

Important Details:

  • Clear your mind to capture the magic while you switch off and disconnect from being connected.
  • For best results this experience should be enjoyed while riding at speed through the forest and is recommended one entry at a time for maximum sound bathing.
  • Platinum 365 UROC members can exclusively seek VIP access to the Secret Sound Haven which features the double trumpet ultimate sound bed for an elevated forest sound bathing experience. See pictures below.
  • POST UPDATE on 2nd April 2024 – Please note this news post was posted on April the first 2024 and we hope you enjoyed it! 🙂