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Attention Uroc Members!

Here’s a new reason to drink Lighthouse Beer, not just cause it’s delicious and refreshing, but because it gives back to YOUR mountain bike community!  Starting now, bring your Lighthouse beer receipts (from pubs, restaurants, private or government liquor stores) into the drop box at Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland, and the rewards will start ‘rolling’ in!  Be sure to put your name and contact info on the receipt for monthly prize draws!! The first prize will be awarded at the 12 hour relay on June 14! It’s a sweet Lighthouse Bike Jersey (on display at DCC). Prize draws will continue throughout the summer.  At the end of the bike season (is there an end??), Uroc will host a ‘member’s appreciation’ party, and the more receipts that have piled up, the more beer will be provided by Lighthouse Brewery! That’s right, FREE BEER!  So drink Lighthouse Beer and enjoy the rewards!