Climbing trail will be added to the Cumberland trail network

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Cumberland, BC – The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) will be working towards the addition of a non-motorized climbing trail approximately 4km long that will allow users to access the upper part of the trail network without having to travel on resource roads. The network’s popularity with both local trail users and visitors continues to grow, with an estimated 100,000 trail visits in 2017.

“Currently, there is no climbing primary trail or series of trails that connects the main entrance of the trail network to the upper network area,” said Erik Holbek, UROC President. “This means trail users either have to climb up trails where there is fast moving downhill traffic or climb up resource roads that can have regular industrial traffic.”

While Cumberland’s trail network features over 100 km of singletrack, there are few uphill primary trails. “This climbing trail will serve as an important travel corridor for all trail users of the Cumberland network, as it will offer a safer, more enjoyable experience by shifting traffic off the regularly used resource roads and away from downhill trails, while also allowing UROC to properly plan and implement a trail experience that is consistent with existing best practices,” said Nathan Kwan, UROC Trail Manager. “We are hoping to have the trail laid out and planned this year, then begin construction in 2019.”

Holbek said “the Cumberland trail network is an incredible recreation asset for locals, with users of all ages enjoying access to the trails and surrounding forests. At the same time, we recognize that Cumberland has a strong reputation as a destination for outdoor recreation tourism. We hope to further develop the quality of the trail network for both locals and visitors with this project.”

The project is made possible by a grant from the BC Rural Dividend program, awarded to UROC in 2018. UROC gratefully acknowledges the support of the Province of British Columbia.


Erik Holbek, President: [email protected]
Nathan Kwan, Trail Manager: [email protected]