Update: Trail Yield Practices

In 2017 UROC installed sign badges on certain trails throughout the Cumberland trail network that indicated required or recommended direction of travel. The goal of installing these sign badges was to help maintain safety and enjoyment for all trail users without unduly limiting route options. However, since installation, we have received useful and constructive feedback from community members and other user groups on the initiative.

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Trail Maintenance Workshop – April 7 & 8

Do you love to build or maintain trail? Want to improve your knowledge? Come learn the fundamentals of modern trail building and maintenance! Mark Wood from Trail Holistics will lead in-class and field sessions.
Saturday April 7:

  • 9-12pm In-class session (meet at Village Council Chambers, 2675 Dunsmuir Ave)
  • Lunch break (bring your own, or go out!)
  • 1-4pm Field session

Sunday April 8:

  • 9-12pm Field practical session
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Share the Trail – Safety Tips

Cumberland’s trail network is a treasured asset and one of the gems of our community. With more people than ever getting out and enjoying the trails, we thought we’d share some safety tips on how to share the trails and help everyone have a great experience.

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Winter Trail Use

As the days grow longer, and the snowline begins to creep up the mountain, we’re all itching to get out on the trails.  While we are fortunate to live where we do – which often enables use of our trails 12 months a year – trail use in the wet months requires special consideration. Our goal is to not tell you not to use the trails, but is instead to provide you with information so that you can make an informed decision on what and when to ride/run/hike.

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