A year in review and what’s next

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This has been a crazy year for weather. In the Comox Valley and the Cumberland trails we experienced a long winter with a late melt, then a really wet and long spring instantly into a hot summer with over 100 days of no rain and dust bowl conditions. Then to be met with two weeks of rain followed by a solid snowfall and lots of it.

2022 gave us back the opportunity to hold real events and ease the huge appetite for competing, being together and enjoying the trails. Groups rides were record breaking this season, with so many new faces and returning riders joining in the fun.

As the trail network continues to get busier we saw more people using the trails in 2022 than any given year on record. Our community’s wealth of trail builders were hard at their art this year and we saw the addition of seven new trails and with a handful more well on their way.

Below you’ll see two infographics. In the first you’ll see the volume of activities on the trails in 2022 and on the second you’ll see a snapshot of what’s in the plans for the next few years.  

Thanks for a great year and have a great holiday season and a prosperous new year.