UROC Virtual Fiver Series ’22

Our virtual Fiver series consists of five challenges.

Each time you enter and complete a challenge you will be in the draw for great prizes.

Complete all Fivers and you’ll be in the draw for the grand prize.

The Virtual Fiver Series for 2020 is complete!

UROC Fiver series presented by Quality Foods and the local bike stores. The Fiver series is also supported by our platinum sponsors and starts with Challenge 1 close to home on Scat / Brat and Bonestorm. All riders who complete the route within the timeframe and record the ride will be entered into a draw prize. There is a prize for Male / Female and Junior prize (under 13) and an overall grand prize for those that check off all the challenges and collect all the badges.

Step 1:
Sign up for all of the challenges or one by one to be in it to win it – you must be a UROC member

Step 2:
Ride the route during the dates available. Be sure to record your ride using the Trail forks app and win the challenge badge. Riding all the routes doesn’t increase your odds of winning the open draw prize.

Step 3:
Feel good about supporting the trails and the United Riders of Cumberland. Enjoy the ride.

( Instructions for fixing Trail forks glitches can be found here )

UROC Virtual Fiver Series

Scat / Brat / Bone storm

Challenge complete!

Nikkei Climb (Red Tape trail) / Banzai Express Lane / Woodcutter

Challenge complete!

Blockhead / Bear Buns / 4Pack

Challenge complete!

Field of Dreams / Blue Collar

Challenge complete!

Blueprint / Hunky Dory / New Vanilla

Challenge complete!