DODGE CITY ENDURO - Sunday September 5th 2021

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UROC is stoked to host the return of grassroots racing with the 8th edition of the Dodge City Enduro! Come put your skills and fitness to the test on some of the finest trails in Cumberland’s legendary trail network. Whether you’re new to racing, an up and coming ripper, or a crusty old vet, this is the event you’ve been waiting for!

  • Fully stocked aid station
  • Racer food is included in the price
  • Fully flagged and marked race course
  • Spruce Timing hands free chip timing with instant stage results
The Dodge City Enduro will take many volunteers to pull off. If you can assist the day before the race or day of please email to be added to the volunteer list


Men and Women

  • Youth - Stage 2
  • Beginner - Stages 1 and 2
  • Intermediate - Stages 1-4 (4.5 hrs cut off time)
  • Expert - Stages 1-6 (6 hrs cut off time)

Entry Fees

  • Expert $80
  • Intermediate $65
  • Beginner $45
  • Youth $25

Whether you're a veteran racer or a first timer, we've got a category for you. If you're unsure which category to race, please take a close look at the course description and consider the following 3 variables:

  1. Stage difficulty: Are you comfortable riding all the trails listed for your category? It's important to note that our race categories do not match the trail rating system. For example, the course for the Intermediate category will include black diamond trails, and the Beginner course includes blue square trails. Also consider that racing a trail is much different than riding a trail. Your heart rate will be through the roof, trail conditions may not be ideal, and you'll be pushing yourself to go as fast as you can. If you're not 100% comfortable riding a trail, then consider a different category.
  2. Course length: Can you complete the course for your chosen category within the posted cut off time? Be realistic with yourself. Can you do 2 laps? 4 laps? 6 laps? Remember to consider your normal climbing pace is likely going to be much slower since you'll be tired from given'r on your timed downhill runs.
  3. Competition: This one is way more subjective, and can be very tough to gauge if you're a newer racer. If this is your first time racing, and you're generally newer to mountain biking, consider either the beginner or intermediate course, depending on the two variables I listed above. If you're a shredder, experienced racer, or just want to throw down with the fastest people, then Expert is likely your category, as long as you're comfortable with the course length and difficulty.

Youth: This is your category if you're under 12 and want to be part of the fun but aren't quite ready to pedal all the way to the top. There's no minimum age for Youth, so as long as you can get to the top of Scat and safely make it down then you can race. Also keep in mind that the beginner category has no minimum age requirement, so if you're under 12 and a bit of shredder, you can sign up in Beginner if you want a longer race course.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert will be broken down into Mens and Ladies categories. Youth will be mixed gender.

Race Day schedule

Expert Check in: 7:00AM-8:30AM
Expert Pre-race Meeting: 8:45
Expert Race Start 9:00

Intermediate Check in: 8:30-10:00
Intermediate Pre-race Meeting: 10:15
Intermediate Race start: 10:30

Beginner & youth check in: 10:00-11:00
Beginner & Youth Pre-race Meeting: 11:15
Beginner & Youth Race start: 11:30


Stage 1:

Field of Dreams/Blue Collar(finishing just before steep climb)

Stage 2:

Scat/Brat/Presidents choice and finish on road

Stage 3:

Roughneck(start at top of climb, finish in clear cut just below the step down gap)

Stage 4:

Bear Buns/Broadway

Stage 5:


Stage 6:

Blockhead/Cupcake/Bakers Dozen/Knuckers