United Riders of Cumberland
Photo: @sarakempner

UROC Fiver Series 2021

The UROC virtual Fiver series 2021 is powered by Trailforks and brought to you by Quality Foods and our generous UROC sponsors. UROC is bringing back the fiver rides with that electronic twist.

Our virtual Fiver series is five challenges each with two rides. Each time you complete a challenge you are entered into the draw for a great prize. Enter and complete all Fiver challenges and you will be up for the Grand prize. 

Register for all 3 remaining challenges ($15)

Or, you can register for each challenge separately below ($5 per challenge, $3 for youth/kids)

  1. Scat, Brat and 2 flats
  2. Truffle shuffle and Shaker
  1. Vanilla & Crafty Butcher
  2. Bear Buns & Off Broadway

Route #1

Route #2

  1. Sobo No Michi
  2. Lower Climax and Field of dreams

Stay tuned for Challenge #4 route details.

  1. Upper and Lower Thirsty Beaver
  2. Blue Collar, swamp monster, 4Pack

Stay tuned for Challenge #5 route details.

Trouble shooting

In order to get a badge, you must record your ride on Trailforks. Use the Trailforks app when riding!

If you rode a trail but it doesn’t appear in your ridelog, watch the help video and/or follow the steps below:

  1. Click on ridelog and select the ride
  2. Click on scroll bar in the top right corner and select edit
  3. At the bottom of the list of trails on your ridelog, go to the add trail and search for the trail missing from your ridelog. Find trail and click on it to add. 
  4. Click on submit to save
  5. Click on rescan for badges which could take a few seconds
  6. The BADGE should now be awarded. If not, you may need to log out and reset.