UROC Fiver Series 2020

Introducing the UROC (Toonie) Fiver series 2020 powered by Trailforks and brought to you by Quality Foods and Raceface, and our generous UROC sponsors. UROC is bringing back fiver rides with a twist.

Our virtual Fiver series consists of five challenges. Each time you enter and complete a challenge you will be in the draw for great prizes. Complete all Fivers and you’ll be in the draw for the grand prize. Fiver challenge #1 is ready to go in celebration of the new climb trail, Sobo no Michi

Winners for Challenge #1:

Kids prize:
  • Hazel Tunnah
Adult prizes:
  • Chris Jamieson
  • Heidi Digout
  • Anne Beaton
Race face prize pack winner
  • Paul Klein

Winners for Challenge #2:

Kids prize:
  • Kaden Wilkinson
Adult prizes:
  • Rod Burton
  • Mike Stevenson
  • Krystal Francisty
Race face prize pack winner
  • Don Clark

Winners for Challenge #3:

Kids prize:
  • Kai McGregor
Adult prizes:
  • Clayton Postings
  • Megan Clayton
  • Gordon Nettleton
Race face prize pack winner
  • Aaron Lloyd

Winners for Challenge #4:

Kids prize:
  • Lucas Johnstone
Adult prizes:
  • Bruce Grant
  • David Stubbs
  • Chuck Stockand
Race face prize pack winner
  • Jason Toews

How to sign up

  1. UROC members can sign up using the online form here.
    (if you’re not already a UROC member enrol first and then come back to this page and register)
  2. Using Trailforks, choose a route to ride to obtain the Trailforks badge.
  3. Ride the route anytime between September 4th and September 27th and record your ride on the Trailforks app.**
  4. All UROC members who signed up for the ride and earned a Trailforks badge will be entered to win a prize pack. (All youth members who enter but don’t have a TF account will still be entered into the draw. Prizes for challenge #5 to be announced. Winners can pick up from parking lot or make other arrangements.)
  5. Complete all 5 of the Fiver challenges and be entered to win the grand draw prize courtesy of RaceFace performance products.

** Contest dates may be altered without notice

Register for Challenge #5

In order to get the badge, you need to ride the trails listed in the badge criteria. Typically, there are between 2 and 4 trails listed. Be sure your GPS is on and your recording and know which trails you need to ride.

Trouble shooting

In order to get a badge you must record your ride on Trailforks. Use the Trailforks app when riding!

If you rode a trail but it doesn’t appear in your ridelog, watch the help video and/or follow the steps below:

How to add a trail and acquire a badge: 

  1. Click on ridelog and select the ride
  2. Click on scroll bar in the top right corner and select edit
  3. At the bottom of the list of trails on your ridelog, go to the add trail and search for the trail missing from your ridelog. Find trail and click on it to add. 
  4. Click on submit to save
  5. Click on rescan for badges which could take a few seconds
  6. The BADGE should now be awarded. If not, you may need to log out and reset.