Notice of Forestry Operations Commencing in the Cumberland Trail Network

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The East Trent Main, the adjoining section of the Trent Main, Trent Canyon Trail, Beavertail Trail and Potluck Trail will incur closures during hours of operation which are Monday to Friday 530am to 430pm commencing Monday 26th of February. 

During weekends and out of operation hours the trails are open. Please note that if you use Switchback, RaceRocks or Felicia you may not be able to gain access to ongoing trails due to closures during operational hours. Operations are expected to be underway for approximately four weeks (weather dependent). For your safety please obey signage and avoid these areas. Please do not enter active areas and surrounding trails during hours of operation. Please observe the active areas highlighted in orange on the shown map.

Forestry Closure

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Mosaic Forest Management wish to advise users of the Trent River Mainline, Furtherburger and Wookie Toothpicks that forestry operations are planned to begin in mid to late August 2023 and are expected to be underway for approximately four weeks (weather dependent). For your safety please obey signage and avoid this area during hours of operation which are Monday to Friday 6am to 4:30pm.

New Trail Alert : Gelato

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Part of the Italian Dinner group of trails, Gelato was built to match the gentle five percent downhill grade of Spaghetti Factory, Meatballs and connecting on to Buckrub. The four trails connect to provide a perimeter route of Nikkei Mountain with blue square downward trending XC trails on the south side. Best connected from Meatballs or by Garlic Bread and … Continued

New Trail Alert: Felicia

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There’s a new trail in the Cumberland network.  The 4VI funded trail Bye Felicia has recently been completed and connects users between Race Rocks and Potluck. In keeping with the Race Rocks character and finding outstanding views down the Beaufort Range corridor, Bye Felicia benches along a series of rock bluffs with a Black Diamond rating and enough exposure to keep you on your toes as you thread the trails course.

New trail alert: Cumberland is getting a chairlift

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The Cumberland trail network is about to reach new heights of destination travel and lift assisted trail user experience.

Permitted access to the private forest lands is top priority to UROC and finding ways to enhance the experience will always be a forefront agenda item. The Cumberland trail network provides a world class trail experience on Vancouver Island and enjoys over 200k users to its 200km’s of trails every year. The installation of a multiuser chairlift will provide greater access and elevate the trail experience to new heights while helping to accommodate the influx of trail users choosing to visit Cumberland.