The Cumberland Trail Network in current times

The vast majority of the Cumberland Trail Network is on private industrial forest lands, with the remainder of trails on forest/watershed and/or park lands owned by the Village of Cumberland. The land owners have agreed to allow for trail building and trail use on these lands, but under the expectation of certain rules, requirements and processes including solid management plans and sufficient insurance coverages. After years of discussions and advocacy by UROC, the Cumberland Forest Trails agreement (the “Agreement”), a first of its kind agreement established by the United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) and the land owners in 2016, created a unique solution that allows the public to recreate on private industrial lands that had been previously closed to recreational use.

The New Climbing Trail is OPEN!

We did it! The Climbing trail is complete and open for use.

The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) completed the five-kilometre climbing (ascent only) trail, which allows users to access the upper part of the trail network without having to travel on resource roads.

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Climbing Trail Update

You will be excited to hear that the middle section of the climbing trail is open for your riding pleasure! Check out these sweet photos from the contractor, Workhorse Trail Design.

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Trail Crew Update

There have been some questions and discussion recently about why certain features have been removed or replaced, so we are taking the opportunity to share some information about the rationale behind these kinds of decisions. This post is a little long but we hope it provides some helpful context.

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Western Climbing Trail Project

The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) are planning to engage the services of a Contractor for the construction of the Western Climbing Trail in the Cumberland trail network. The project scope includes the construction of approximately 4.0km of climbing specific singletrack trail.

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