UROC Wednesday Night Women’s Rides

May 2, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Riding Fool Hostel
2705 Dunsmuir Ave
Cumberland, BC V0R 1S0
UROC Wednesday Night Women's Rides @ Riding Fool Hostel | Cumberland | British Columbia | Canada

Meet other female riders & hit the Cumberland trails. There’s no better way to spend a Wednesday night!


The UROC Women’s Ride is a recreational, non-competitive, non-instructional, all-levels ride for local female riders. We meet every week throughout the spring & summer. Riders split off into smaller groups based on skill level, or what type of ride you’re in the mood for. Volunteer Ride Hosts determine the routes.

We send out a weekly newsletter most weeks with some basic ride plans to help riders pre-select their rides (so we can get on the trails more quickly). Sign up for the newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/doC35X. You can unsubscribe anytime.


The 2018 season will begin on Wednesday, May 2nd and will run every Wednesday through to September. Be ready to roll out at 6:00 PM. If we miss a newsletter once or twice, not to worry – there will still be a ride!


We meet at the Riding Fool Hostel in Cumberland (at Dunsmuir & 2nd). Please don’t park on 2nd between Dunsmuir & Allen in order to leave room for hostel guests & local residents.


Adult women of all ages and skill levels.

Must Haves:

  • A current UROC membership. Join here: https://ccnbikes.com/#!/events/uroc-2018-membership
  • A bike in good repair – disc brakes & suspension recommended.
  • Water & snacks.
  • Basic bike repair kit, and ability to do basic repairs (ie: fix a flat).
  • Positive attitude and encouragement for others.

Contact Us:

The Women’s Ride is coordinated by some pretty awesome volunteers – Barbara Milley and Lauren LaBossiere. You can reach them by email at: urocladies@yahoo.ca.

Be a Part of it!

All Ride Hosts are volunteers, and since we ride in multiple groups every week for 6 months of the year, that’s a lot of rides! If you’re interested in being a Ride Host, please email us.

Ride Hosts must know the trails well, keep their group together, and commit to hosting multiple rides in the season (including 1 beginner ride).

Learn More:

Learn more about the long and awesome history of the UROC Women’s Ride in the CV Collective (article by Ride Host Bree Armstrong): https://cvcollective.ca/the-sisterhood-of-bikes/


What if I’m not sure that this ride if for me… Do I need to pay for a membership?
You can attend one ride as a guest, and will have to fill out a waiver. We hope you will love it enough to join UROC, and the Wednesday Night Rides.

Can I come if I am a beginner rider?
YES!! There is always a beginner’s group, and they have a great time! It’s a super-encouraging way to get out on the trails!

Can I come if I’m a super-fast rider?
YES!! There is always a fast/expert group. These ladies are skilled, but keep in mind that this is still a recreational (fun!) ride, and is not competitive. Patience & encouragement for others is a must at any speed.

I’m an intermediate or advanced rider, but don’t feel the need for speed. Will there be a ride for me?
YES!! Rides are non-competitive and you can choose to be in any group you want. There are usually several intermediate rides to choose from.

What if I don’t know anyone?
This is a great place to meet like-minded women & find some new riding buddies. We have riders who come from Parksville, Campbell River, and the Comox Valley. It’s pretty awesome.

Will I learn new skills?
Rides are non-instructional. Ride Hosts accept no responsibility for rider decisions or providing first aid response. Know your limit, ride within it.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, no. The group is too large to accommodate multiple dogs. Please leave your pup at home.

Is there a UROC Men’s Ride? Or a Co-Ed Ride?
Not right now, but part of UROC’s mandate is encouraging group rides. If you are interested in volunteering to create a new recreational ride, contact UROC here: weride@unitedridersofcumberland.com.