Trail Yield Practices

The United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) are installing sign badges on certain trails throughout the Cumberland trail network that will indicate required or recommended travel direction.. These signs will apply to all trail users and will be added to the sign posts at the bottom of the trails listed below. The installation of directional signage is a response to user feedback, the volume of traffic and variety of users on the Cumberland trail network. The goal is to help maintain safety and enjoyment for all trail users without unduly limiting route options. The list of trails with directional signage may change as trail usage continues to develop, new trails are added, or issues are identified.

The trails were identified after considering the following factors:

  • Is climbing up the trail physically possible? Is it realistically feasible for the majority of users?
  • Does the trail’s intended use encourage high speeds, include TTFs or have a layout (ie. Tight corners, blind sections such as rolldowns/drops) that would significantly lower a downhill user’s ability to maneuver or stop to avoid a collision with an uphill user?
  • Does the trail’s established use pattern include both uphill and downhill travel?
  • Does the trail have a history of conflict between uphill and downhill users?

General Yield Practices (on all trails with no directional signage)

Cyclists must be in control of their bikes at all times and be able to yield to other users.

Runners and walkers must be aware of mountain bike traffic on all trails and be able and willing to yield to cyclists. Who actually yields is not exclusive to one user group or

direction of travel and all users should work to make each pass a courteous one.

Trail users with headphones/earbuds should ensure that they can hear approaching traffic on single-track by adjusting the volume or removing earpiece(s).

On trails signed:

In this case uphill travellers should be prepared to yield to cyclists riding downhill while downhill riders must also be prepared to give uphill travellers adequate time to clear the trail.

Uphill travelers should also consider alternate routes – particularly during busier times of year or day.

On trails signed:

On trails designated as “Downhill Travel Only”, uphill travel is NOT permitted.

Trails that will have directional signage installed:

Recommended for Downhill Travel Only:

  • Lower 50:1
  • Bear Buns
  • Bucket of Blood
  • DCDH
  • Furtherburger
  • Off Broadway
  • Queso Grande
  • Race Rocks
  • Slick Rock
  • Switchback
  • That Dam Trail
  • Thirsty Beaver (Upper & Lower)
  • Top Hat
  • Trent Canyon

Downhill Travel Only:

  • Blockhead
  • Broadway
  • Cupcake
  • Gravity
  • Kamikaze
  • Lost Wood
  • Numbskulls
  • Rhizome
  • Truffle Shuffle
  • Woodcutter