Trail Care

What is trail maintenance?

Mother nature, riders, runners, hikers and more have a negative impact on the soft ground found on our local trails. We like to get together to put back each month helping reduce erosion, control water damage and keep the trails in great shape for all to enjoy.

When is trail maintenance?

More often in the spring and fall, we will host regular scheduled trail days and ad hoc days prior to various events.

Where do we meet?

Typically we meet at the CRI parking lot, but you can join in by meeting us at a prescribed location on each specific trail day.

What should I bring?

Dress appropriately for work outdoors. Bring water and a snack. UROC has a selection of tools. You can bring your own tools if you like. We recommend bringing your own gloves, but will try to have a few pairs available.

Does UROC provide lunch?

Not at the moment.

Do I have to be a UROC member?

Yes. Final details are just being approved.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes. You may want to ride into the work site. What better way to make sure a section of trail rides well than to bring your bike to test after!

How do I get a reminder email each month?

Send a note to

What if I need more information?

Send a note to