News from The United Riders of Cumberland

Fall Classic this Sunday, October 2nd!!!!


Come on into Dodge City Cycles to register between 10am-12pm on Sunday Oct 2. Reg fees are by Donation. All Proceeds for this race go to the Cumberland Community Forest Society.

Timing? We don’t need no stinking Timing!! Its a fun race and good excuse to get together ride bikes and raise money for our forest and trails. Race starts at 1pm and Riders will sign in when they complete their lap

2 & a Juice, Buggered Pig, Sykes Bridge, 42nd Street, Steam Donkey, Tea Pot, Rail Road, The Craftys, Black Hole and Space Nugget. Those under the age of 13 can skip 2 & a Juice and Buggered Pig and head straight up the road.

But of course its UROC and DCC!!! Burgers prizing and frosty beverages to follow

THC! Twelve Hours of Cumberland!!!!

Photo by Erik Peterson:

Twelve Hour Details

date: Saturday June 18th, 2011

location: No. 6 Mine Park

registration 7 – 8 am at the No.6 Mine Park

race: 8am – 8pm

format: most number of laps completed in 12 hours.  Go solo or in teams of 2 or 4 – male, female or co-ed.

course: beginner friendly, exact course to be determined

cost: $40 per person

notes: must be a UROC club member, be a member of Cycling BC or purchase a one day membership ($10).

This beginner friendly team event is based out of the beautiful No.6 mine park in Cumberland.  The park is where registration takes place, where teams can set up for the day and is the lap point for the course.  A free BBQ and snacks will be provided throughout the day.  Category winners will be presented with custom mugs from Scott Beardsley pottery and all participants will have a chance to win draw prizes following the event.

Logging in Cumberland

Please be advised Timberwest contractors will be commencing logging in the Cumberland areas within a week. Operations will be occurring near Short Line, Blue Collar, Allen Lake Main, Railroad, 50:1, Nikkei Mountain.

Active Logging - Stay Clear

To stay safe, please honour any signage or visible signs of logging activities including sounds or visibly seeing equipment. Debris can be thrown hundreds of meters during harvesting.

We have had ongoing dialogue with Timberwest and they will do what is possible to minimize impact on affected trail areas. We thank the various private forest companies in our region for the ongoing access to trails on their lands.

Please pass this information on to anyone you meet on the trails, and check back for updates of when operations have concluded.

Thank you for your support and look for spring Trail Maintenance Dates for opportunities to improve our trail network.