About Us


  1. The name of the society is United Riders of Cumberland Association.
  2. The purposes of the society are:
    • To advocate for mountain biking.
    • To foster a positive working relationship with landowners to facilitate access.
    • To build and maintain mountain bike trails.
    • To host mountain bike events.
    • To promote and encourage mountain biking in youth.
    • To facilitate group rides.
    • To encourage the positive spirit of mountain biking in the community.
    • To work with other community groups, agencies, societies and organizations sharing similar purposes.
    • To raise funds as necessary to institute the purpose of the society.
  3. The affairs of the society shall be conducted to promote the purposes of the Association and the Association shall not carry on activities for the purpose of financial gain of its members. The provisions of this paragraph are unalterable.
  4. In the event that the United Riders of Cumberland Association should at any time be wound up or dissolved, the remaining assets after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be turned over to the Cumberland Community Forest Society or an organization with similar purposes of this society. This provision is unalterable.
  5. The society shall be non-partisan in religious and racial matters. This provision is unalterable